INGREDIENTS: Algae Extract -- Hydrolized Prunes

Algae Extract
Algae extract from Bretagne, loaded with mineral ions and nutrients. Used in: Toji Junmai Algae Gel Pack

A natural anti-inflammatory that heals dry skin.

Alpha Arbutin
a-Arbutin is a more stable, effective and fast acting tyrosinase inhibitor than either b-Arbutin or Arbutin. It is the naturally extracted by-product of Bearberry, 10 times stronger than Arbutin, without the side effects of hydroquinone. Used in Toji Nano White

Arnica Montana
A perennial flowering plant, used to treat inflammationn, reduce swelling. Used in Kurahito Skin White Soap, Toji Junmai Algae Gel Pack, Toji CC Nano White

1000 times more potent than Vitamin E, this antioxidant is found in micro-algae and salmon roe. Used in: Toji Q10 Lotion

Beta Carotene
A natural antioxidant, which may also provide effective sun protection. Used throughout the Skin Care product line.

Collagen (Marine) and Elastin
Flat fish source, bovine-free. Restores supple appearance and resilience to skin. Used throughout the Skin Care product line.

Citrus Juice (and Citric Acid)
As a botanical ceramide, repairs intercellular lipid, helps heighten skin's natural protective functions. Used in Toji Coenzyme Q10 Gel and Lotion

Glycyrrhiza (Licorice Root)
Glabridin, the active ingredient in licorice root, is 270 times stronger against tyrosinase than Vitamin C. A gentle melanin inhibitor. Used in: Toji CC White, Kurahito Skin White Series, Collapure Repair Series, Toji Q10 Lotion and Gel.

Horse Chestnut
Tightens skin with regular use. An antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Used in: Toji Junmai Algae Gel Pack

Plant containing Vitamin C, flavonoid and saponin to help tighten and brighten the skin. Used in: Toji Junmai Algae Gel Pack, Kurahito Skin White Series

Hydrolized Prunes
Prune extract is a vitamin-rich antioxidant, believed to prevent the formation of dark spots on the skin. Used in: Toji Q10 Lotion



Indigenous Ingredients

Japan's natural resources have been studied by scientists in Eastern and Western medicine. Numerous data continue to accumulate, supporting the value of these ingredients in all kinds of therapies - treating dermatits, eczema, inhibiting tyrosinase, protecting the skin against UV damage, and more.

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