«« INGREDIENTS: Junmai shu -- Ubiquinone (CoQ10)

Junmai-Shu (Pure Rice Sake)
Brewed from organic rice and fermented with no added sugar or alcohol. Concentrated, pure, and nutritious. Featured in most of our skin care products. To learn how Junmai-Shu is made, click here

Mulberry Root and Bark
A natural source of Arbutin, a known melanin-inhibitor and skin lightener. Used in: Toji Nano White Essence (along with Alpha-Arbutin and Soluble Collagen)

Red Tea
Along with black and green tea, a natural antioxidant believed to protect the skin against UV rays. Used in: Toji Body Styling Gel

Retinol Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate)
A retinoid helpful in treating acne-prone skin, as well as providing antioxidant protection. Used in: Toji Pure Rose Hip Oil, Collapure Repair 2-Way Cream, Kurahito White Series, Toji Body Series

Rose Hip Oil
Heals scarred, damaged, dry skin. Contains trans-retinoic acids (tretinoin), which effectively treats damaged skin and scars. Helps prevent premature aging, dimishes and prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Used in: Toji Pure Rose Hip Oil

In addition to its value in aromatherapy, rosemary
is an antioxidant that has been used to treat a
variety of skin disorders including eczema and
psoriasis. Used in Collapure 2-Way Cream

Soybean Extract
Proven to stimulate collagen production. Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for skin. Used in: Collapure Repair Series

A purified oil from deep sea shark liver. High in oleic acids naturally found in humans and extremely well absorbed by the skin. Used in Collapure Repair Series, Kurahito Skin White Series, and Toji Q10

Sodium Hyaluronate
Extraordinary moisture retention properties help skin maintain healthy hydration levels. Used throughout our skin care brands.

Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)
CoQ10 is naturally present in human cells. Q10 boosts cell energy, reduces oxidation at the skin's surface level. Used in: Toji CoQ10 Gel and Lotion



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Aaah! Onsen skin softening bath salts are available in tub sizes for spa use as well as individual single-use stick packs.

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