Toji Body Styling Gel

Fights cellulite and firms skin
TOJI Body Styling Jell is a natural herbal firming treatment that helps fight signs of cellulite. Specially enriched with tea extracts and plant extracts combination. Working in synergy these essential elements effectively reduce fat cells, improve circulations, breakdown of fats and tighten the skin. Also, the nutritious gel provides moisturizing and radiance while increasing skin firmness. Caffeine helps protect the skin, while Terminalia soothes and heals. Provides quick firming results.
Volume: 120 gram tube (approx. 4.2 ounces)



JUNMAI-SHU, Caffeine, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Red tea extract, Taisou ekisu, Algae extract, Equisetum arvense extract, Hydrangea serrata leaf extract, Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, Terminalia Sericea extract, Witch hazel water

*Collagen and elastin are marine based, bovine-free

Recommended Use
Apply the entire body with light circular movements, until the gel is absorbed. Daily use after bath.

Key Ingredients

Taisou ekisu
A deciduous Asian fruit tree containing oleanolic acid, an anti-inflammatory and ursolic acid which has been shown to improve wound healing by as much as 40%.

Terminalia Sericea
Roots of this tree are used to treat cuts and irritated skin.

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