Organic rice
Special sake rice is polished by removing 60% of its original surface.

Koji is made
Koji is created by the "Toji", the main brewmaster. The rice is rinsed, soaked and steamed. The sake starter is filled with nutrients and antioxidants.

Moto is made. Divine water from Suzuka Heights is added to the rice, koji and yeast to create the fermentation starter called Moto.

Fermentation Fermentation produces pure rice essence, enriched with natural amino acids and vitamins.

Pasteurization The rice ferment is pressed and filtered, then pasteurized. The sake is aged for 6 months to produce Junmai-Shu, the key ingredient in Kurahito, Collapure and Toji products

Junmai-shu Junmai-shu is combined with other potent natural ingredients. It yields a very pure, concentrated and effective nutrient that softens, hydrates and lightens the skin.
Why Junmai shu?

Tradition meets Technology
For generations, Geisha and sake brewers have enjoyed porcelain smooth skin due to regular use of sake. Japanese mothers use the rinse water from each day's rice to rinse their faces and keep them polished and wrinkle-free.

Science now tells us that sake is filled with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid that protect the skin and stimulate circulation.

Polysaccharides exfoliate, soften and lighten. Just as rice is nature's perfect food, sake is nature's complete beauty ingredient.


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