Tighten and invigorate the body and face with tea extract, collagen, peppermint and pure gold. Contains no alcohol, parabens, artificial fragrance or preservatives.

Toji Body Styling Gel
Natural herbal gel pack that treats cellulite and its early signs.

Toji Junmai Gold Massage Gel 24KT gold and collagen lift, firm and brighten in this gorgeous facial gel.

Toji Junmai Mint Scrub Gel
Peppermint and apricot soothe, exfoliate and
reduce inflammation.
About Junmai-Shu

Sake Cosmetology
Junmai-shu means 'pure rice sake' in Japanese. It is a premium grade of sake, made without adding any sugar or alcohol to the brewing process.

Junmai-shu is patented for use in Kurahito, Collapure and Toji products. It provides dense levels of skin-loving vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Click here to learn more about the Junmai-shu brewing process.

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