The Secrets of Generations
Few cultures in the world take their bath and beauty rituals more seriously than the Japanese.

They have always turned to nature for sources of health and renewal using ingredients from the land and sea, in ways they have known since childhood.
Enhanced by modern technology
Scientists continue to marvel over soy, rice, seaweed, green tea rich in antioxidants, amino acids, polysaccharides and minerals.

These ingredients are best understood by those who have treasured them for generations. Our Japanese partners have created effective formulas without parabens, useless fillers, or animal testing.

Our Mission

To find the Japanese beauty secrets we grew up with in pure and effective commercial products.

To share the highest quality, simplest solutions.

To exceed the expectations or our customers

About Japan

The Japanese spend more per capita on personal care products than any other country

The Japanese are the world's largest consumers of organic beauty products.

Japanese manufacturing practices (GMP) are equal and in some cases stricter than the U.S. equivalent.

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